What flooring solutions are acid and chemical resistant?

All of our flooring solutions have excellent chemical resistance. Our polyurethane cement systems provide very good acid resistance, as do our epoxy solutions. However, as with any epoxy solutions, they do not provide good resistance to lactic acid (found in dairy manufacturing facilities)
To learn more about the chemical and acid resistance of our flooring solutions, take a look at our flooring specification page to learn more about the difference between each flooring solution.

Are all flooring solutions thermal shock resistant?

Thermal shock resistance is required in coolrooms, freezers or in main production areas that are washed down with very hot water. In all these scenarios, the concrete is expanding or contracting. If a flooring solution has been installed without this in mind, there is a high chance that over time the floor will crack.
Read about the ideal flooring solution in these scenarios here.

Are your flooring solutions moisture tolerant?

Our flooring solutions are all water-tight, meaning they do not allow any water to seep through to the concrete. Installing our SteriCove solution at the same time ensures that no water can penetrate through the walls. Learn more about our SteriCove solution here.

What flooring solutions can be installed in a freezer or coolroom?

Flooring solutions installed in freezers and coolrooms must be able to withstand the concrete contraction due to thermal shock. Polyurethane cement systems expand and contract at a much more similar rate to concrete than epoxy solutions do, so they have much greater thermal shock resistance. Additionally, polyurethane cement systems can be installed at sub-zero temperatures, unlike epoxy solutions where the area needs to be brought to about room temperature.

What level of slip resistance do your flooring solutions provide?

All of our flooring solutions can be provided in various non-slip levels. We typically offer four main finishes; light non-slip, medium non-slip, heavy non-slip & a stipple finish. Have a read of this article to learn about where each level of non-slip should be installed. Each of our non-slip finishes can be certified using a pendulum test upon request.

Are your products environmentally friendly?

Yes, our products are environmentally friendly. Most of our solutions have no odour, and none of our products contain chemicals or acids that are harmful to the environment. Most of our products have no VOC emissions. If any of our products have VOC emissions, this will be made clear in the data sheets provided prior to the project commencement.

What difference does the antimicrobial aspect make?

Prior to the launch of SteriFloor, we conducted extensive research into the impact of antimicrobial technology in flooring solutions. We discussed it with technical managers at food manufacturing facilities, and hired an intern to conduct tests on various antimicrobial flooring technology.
We discovered that it makes a huge difference.
Our antimicrobial flooring solutions actively fight against bacteria growth on the floors and around drainage. Learn more here.

Does the antimicrobial technology wear out?

Our unique antimicrobial technology is incorporated into every layer of the floor, so does not loose it’s benefit throughout the lifetime of the floor. If you have any other questions regarding this technology, please email helpdesk@alliedfinishes.com or visit https://alliedfinishes.com/sterifloor-validation/.

Does the flooring expand and contract at a rate close to concrete?

Expansion and contraction of the concrete is caused by thermal changes, such as in a freezer, or in a main production area that is washed down with hot water. Not all flooring solutions expand and contract at the same rate as concrete, so they crack under the pressure of the concrete movement. Have a read of this article here to learn about what flooring solutions expand and contract at the same rate as concrete, and those that don’t.


What colours are available?

Our flooring solutions are available in a wide range of colours. Take a look at our colours page to see our most popular colours. For our full colour chart, please email helpdesk@alliedfinishes.com. We are more than happy to provide samples of any colour and finish upon request.

Can you match my existing floor colour?

We most certainly can. If you would like the new floor to match the colour of other floors in your facility, please let us know prior to the site visit, and we will bring along our colour-matching tools to ensure the colour is the same/very similar to your current flooring solution.

Can we use multiple colours in the one area?

You definitely can. We encourage our customers to maximise the use of multiple colours in the one area or in different areas throughout the facility, particularly to increase worker safety. To learn more about the value in using multiple colours for safety, have a read of this article.


Can you create slopes to drains?

To minimize pooling of water, it is critical that the floor slopes towards the drain. This is something we can definitely do, however it must be discussed with one of our consultants first, to ensure it is included in the project scope. If you would like to request a site visit, please get in touch with us.

Do you install drains?

Yes we do install drains. Many of our large flooring projects involve removing the existing drains and installing new drainage that we have custom made in Australia. To learn more about some of the common drainage solutions we provide, take a look at our drainage page here.

Do you install coving?

Yes we do. As our flooring projects are predominantly for food and beverage manufacturing facilities, coving is required on most projects. To learn more about the importance of coving in the food manufacturing industry, have a read of this article.

What coving solution do you provide?

Working with the food and beverage manufacturing industry for over 10 years, we have developed our own coving solution that is easily installed at the same time as the floor, is very easy to clean, and provides excellent bacteria growth prevention. Look at this article here to learn more.

How do I work out what flooring solution to choose?

We offer six main flooring solutions to cater to various needs in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. Some solutions are ideal for oily floors, some are ideal for floors with extreme temperature variances. To work out which flooring solution is ideal for your needs, take a look at our SteriFloor page here, which describes each of the flooring solutions we offer. Also take a look at our comparison table on this webpage to understand the benefits of each solution. We also provide custom solutions, so please reach out to us if none of our solutions are suited to you.


Can we do a virtual site visit?

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we conducted several virtual site visits to scope out flooring projects and repair work. We are more than happy to do virtual site visits. If you would like to request one, please email helpdesk@alliedfinishes.com or call 1800 033 444.

How can I arrange a site visit with a consultant?

There are a couple of ways to request a site visit with one of our consultants. Either complete this form here, email helpdesk@alliedfinishes.com or call 1800 033 444.

Can you complete the project in a very tight shutdown period?

Yes we can. Please let us know your shutdown period, and when the floor must be ready for foot and/or forklift traffic, and we will work with our technical manager to ensure the floor will be ready. Most of our flooring solutions can be tailored to be cured in a short period, so let us know what you require, and we’ll let you know if we can make it work!

Do you provide a warranty?

We provide warranties upon request. Please let our consultants know if you require a warranty for your floor, and they will provide this upon project completion. If you have any questions about floor warranties, please email helpdesk@alliedfinishes.com.

How do you ensure the highest quality standards are upheld?

We have many processes and procedures in place to ensure the highest quality standards are upheld. Our installation teams are well trained to operate neatly, respectfully and skillfully to ensure your project is completed to the highest standard possible. See more about our approach here.