At Allied Finishes, we’re 100% committed to the Food and Beverage manufacturing industry of Australia. Because of this, our SteriFloor solutions are all tailored to this industry, with each solution answering to a particular challenge within this field. Our clients can have peace of mind that we know the issues and challenges we’re dealing with, as we only work in this industry.
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Specifying SteriFloor

With so many requirements to meet and standards to uphold, it can be hard knowing which solution is the right one. In addition to this, there are about 5 sectors within the Food & Beverage Manufacturing Industry, that bring additional challenges to the table. This table outlines the benefits of each system, and the recommended area for it.
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Sector Solutions

Within the Food & Beverage Manufacturing Industry, there are several sectors; Abattoirs & Meat Processing Facilities, Commercial
Bakery & Dry Goods Manufacturers, Dairy Production Facilities, Flour & Sugar Mills, and Winery & Brewery Facilities.

Each sector brings it’s own set of challenges. Find out more about each sector below.

Abattoir & Meat Processing

Commercial Bakery & Dry Goods

Dairy Production Facilities

Flour & Sugar Mills

Flake Floor #3, Flour Mill, NSW :: Allied Finishes, Commercial Flooring Solutions

Winery & Brewery Facilities

Chemical Resistant Floor #3, Casella Family Brands :: Allied Finishes, Commercial Flooring Solutions


Lab testing for SteriFloor

SteriFloor Certification

Our SteriFloor solutions have undergone a range of tests to gain various certifications. The most notable test is the ISO 22196, conducted by Jayanti Mendhi, at the Queensland University of Technology. SteriFloor is manufactured in a HACCP Australia approved facility. SteriFloor is classified as suitable floor surfacing materials for food and beverage facilities that operate in accordance with HACCP based programs.
SteriFloor Validation

100% Australian Manufactured and Installed

SteriFloor is manufactured in Australia by Allied Finishes. Allied Finishes is 100% Australian owned, and all SteriFloor solutions are installed by Allied Finishes. Our SteriFloor solutions are various epoxy and polyurethane cement systems that have been extensively modified and improved specifically with the Food and Beverage Manufacturing industry in mind.
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