Flooring in the Pharmaceutical sector

The pharmaceutical and biotech industry of Australia demand some of the highest hygiene standards in the world. Processing areas, packaging rooms, clean rooms and labs demand floors that perform — chemical, impact and abrasion-resistant floors that meet high design standards.
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When it comes to flooring in the Pharmaceutical sector, there are three main challenges to consider:

  1. Cleanability
    With the industry hygiene requirements being some of the highest in the world, it is of utmost importance the floor is easy to clean. A light non-slip or stipple finish is vital to ensure there is no possibility of bacteria growth.
  2. Chemical Resistance
    With acids, alkalis & solvents ever present in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, with the wrong flooring solution being installed, corrosion is very likely. A corroded floor exposes substrate, which allows for bacteria growth. With hygiene being one of the most important assets to a floor in these facilities, a corroding floor is not acceptable.
  3. Machinery Care
    Extreme care must be taken around high tech robotic machinery in pharmaceutical facilities to ensure there are no changes to the machinery functionality.

Recommended SteriFloor Solution

A flooring solution with high adhesion, resistance to chemicals and acids, and is very easily cleanable is the key requirements for this sector. Our SteriFloor Keimfrei solution is ideal for commercial bakeries and dry goods facilities. It provides a hard-wearing surface, with good cleaning properties and an excellent appearance.
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