Hygiene Area Projects

Maintaining extremely high hygiene standards is critical in food and beverage manufacturing facilities. As such, clean rooms, washrooms and hygiene areas must be functional, easy to use, and efficient. At Allied Finishes, our experience in designing, building and upgrading cleanrooms is extensive. We understand what works, what’s necessary, and the extra features that increase hygiene and efficiency.

Hygiene area upgrade projects are typically managed internally, as they don’t appear to be large projects. And they’re not – but start arranging trades for flooring, drainage, wall paneling, and getting quotes on boot racks, hand wash stations, gowning racks, and you’ll understand the benefits in dealing with one, reputable company that can take care of everything.

Delivering within budget, within the timeframe, and to the highest hygiene standard.

Our Process

1. Site Visit

First we assess your needs and discuss your requirements by meeting you on site.

2. Quote & Concepts

Then we provide you with pricing and concepts based on our discussions.

3. Project Commencement

Once you give us the go-ahead, we kick into action. You'll have one designated point of contact throughout the whole project to keep things easy.

4. Project Completion

Once completed, we go through the entire project with you, showing you what we've done.

Cleanroom & Washroom Project Aspects

Drainage Installation

After discussing your requirements, we work with our drainage manufacturers in Australia to produce the highest quality drainage. Our qualified team then installs the drain.

Flooring Installation

We install one of our recommended SteriFloor solutions, in your choice of colour. The installation will be complete with joints, to allow for expansion and contraction of the floor.

Stainless Steel Sinks

We offer a range of sinks to suit your needs, from Knee-Operated Sinks, to Sensor Operated Sinks, all available in a Single, Double, or custom, up to 6 station design.

Boot Wash/ Sole Scrubbers

Reduce cross-contamination through your site by installing a boot wash or sole scrubbing machine. Available in various sizes, free standing or in-built.

Boot Racks

Store your boots in the most efficient way with either a wall-mounted, mobile or free-standing boot rack. Available capacities range from 12p-48p.

Swing-Over Benches

We offer a range of stainless steel benches, from swing-over benches to benches with boot/shoe storage. Provides a hygienic area to sit down and put boots on, and an opportunity to change from one set of clothes and boots into another.

Stainless Steel Gowning Cabinet

Set up your hygiene area with efficient gowning storage - our solutions ranging from free-standing to wall mounted storage cabinets, available in various sizes.

Stainless Steel Bin

Set up your hygiene area with clean, bacteria free waste management. Our bins are ideal for paper waste, gown recycling and other waste.

Integrated Dyson Airblade Tap

While we offer a range of taps, the Dyson Integrated Airblade Tap provides the ultimate hygienic wash & dry solution. With a 14 second dry time, it is 77% less expensive to run than other hand dryers.

Stainless Steel Paper Dispenser

In the fast paced environment food manufacturing facilities present, floor graphics are essential to maximise employee safety. Floor graphics can clearly convey any restricted areas.

Let us help you on your next project.

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