Importance of Antimicrobial Flooring

By nature, typical polyurethane cement or epoxy floors are passively antimicrobial. In other words, they don’t encourage bacteria growth. But they do nothing to stop bacteria from growing on the floor.

One of the major dangers of bacteria growing on the floor, is the risk of the bacteria becoming airborne when high pressure hosing is carried out, spreading the bacteria onto other critical surfaces.

So we decided to change what we offered. With over 50 years of history in paint chemistry, we decided it was time to develop our own suite of solutions, specifically designed for the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

Each of our SteriFloor solutions have unique antimicrobial technology, incorporated into every layer to maximise the antimicrobial activity. This technology has been designed to stand up against typical acids and chemicals found in food manufacturing facilities.

SteriFloor Suite

About the range

Actively Antimicrobial

With our unique antimicrobial technology incorporated into every layer of every system, you can be assured that your floor will actively fight bacteria for the entire floor lifetime.

Slip Resistant

Non-slip flooring is essential in food manufacturing plants, as it protects staff and visitors (including customers and auditors) from slip hazards. Non slip flooring provides grip for forklifts and other moving vehicles and trolleys.

Thermal Shock Resistant

Floors that are subject to diverse thermal variations require a system specifically designed to withstand such aggressive conditions. All of our polyurethane cement systems provide exceptional resistance to high temperatures and thermal shock.

Chemical Resistant

Our SteriFloor systems are designed to resist the commonly encountered manufacturing chemicals such as Acetic acid, Lactic acid and Oleic acid from vegetable and animal fats. Take a look at our below comparison table to view the systems with the highest chemical resistance.

Odourless Application

Our SteriFloor range is non-toxic and nil-odour, even when being laid, so is completely food-safe, and will not cause inhalation issues to personnel in the workplace, or be a threat to food safety.


Our SteriFloor range has been designed and developed with durability and longevity in the forefront of our minds. We understand the conditions it will be subject to, and see the need to meet this adequately, reducing production downtime, and delivering uptime to our customers.

Comparing the range

Comparison Table for the SteriFloor solutions

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