Flooring in the Dairy Production Industry

With Dairy being one of Australia’s most important rural industries, it is essential that the production facilities decrease downtime and increase uptime. Flooring challenges in this industry are intense. From wet production areas, to extreme temperature variances, as well as controlling bacteria growth, there are a lot of considerations when having a new floor installed.
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When it comes to flooring in the dairy production facility there are many challenges to be considered.

  1. Wet Production Areas
    Due to the nature of dairy production being a wet process, a lot of liquids are constantly on the floor. This creates a couple of issues; slip hazards, pooling of liquids (if falls have been done incorrectly), and corrosion of the floor. Along with these issues, harsh chemicals are often used to eliminate bad bacteria growth, which can corrode a non-acid and chemical resistant floor.
  2. Extreme Temperature Variances
    As with most dairy products, such as cheese, yoghurt, custard and cream, the production and cleaning process involves heat, with storage involving temperatures below zero. With two extreme temperatures, concrete can gradually crack under the pressure, exposing bare substrate.
  3. Controlling Bad Bacteria
    With the dairy production process often involving both heat and moisture, without control measures, the floor can become a perfect medium for unwanted bacteria to thrive.
  4. Acid Resistance
    Exposure to acids such as nitric and phosphoric acid (in cleaning chemicals), as well as lactic acid from the dairy product can place the floor under significant pressure. Because of this, a flooring solution that is polyurethane cement based is highly recommended to stand up to these acids.

Recommended SteriFloor Solutions

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SteriFloor Stärke

SteriFloor Stärke is the ideal flooring solution for food and beverage manufacturing floors with medium to heavy foot and forklift traffic. It is the hardest-wearing food-grade flooring solution available for food and beverage manufacturing facilities.
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SteriFloor Keimfrei

SteriFloor Keimfrei is the ideal flooring solution for areas with maximum hygiene requirements such as clean rooms, laboratories, and high care areas. This system has been designed to be easy to clean, with excellent oil and chemical resistance.
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