Flooring in the Abattoir and Meat Processing Industry

The Australian Meat Processing Sector has a workforce of around 34,000, and is a world leader in processing beef, lamb and goat meat. Australia has approximately 300 abattoirs (including boning rooms). Hygiene and worker safety are two of the most important things when it comes to this industry. Understanding this greatly assists us in proving the right antimicrobial flooring solutions.


When it comes to flooring, there are many challenges the abattoir and meat processing industry presents.

  1. One of the biggest challenges is wet production areas. Throughout many areas in an abattoir or meat processing facility, there are constant liquids on the floor, from the blood and other animal liquids, as well as cleaning liquids and chemicals. This imposes a large amount of stress on the floor, and if preparation is not adequate, the floor will fail.
  2. Another challenge is the constant traffic from forklifts, heavy machinery, and pedestrians creating a very demanding situation, particularly with the constant cleaning routines.
  3. Abattoirs and meat processing facilities are constantly exposed to airborne and water-borne bacteria. If the floor has been incorrectly installed, it can become an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.
  4. One final challenge with flooring is the temperature variances throughout the facility. As the meat moves through the processing stages, eventually getting into a coolroom, this change in temperature can cause the floor to crack if the preparation is not adequate.
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Recommended SteriFloor Solution

As areas in abattoir and meat processing facilities are typically high-wear areas, we recommend our SteriFloor Stärke system, as it has the best impact and abrasion resistance, as well as high chemical and acid resistance.
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