Drainage in Food Manufacturing Facilities

Drainage in food production facilities are under a lot of pressure due to high traffic, grease, fat, food waste and various chemicals from the cleaning procedures. Without an appropriate drainage system, wastewater can cause pipe blockages and major disruptions to services.
Case Study
Food safe drain
Food safe drain
Food safe drain
Food safe drain
Food safe drain
Muffin manufacturing facility floor
Food safe drain

Types of Drains

Point Drain

Grated drain that is typically located in the middle of an area. The floor is sloped in all directions to ensure water flows towards the drain.

Linear Drain

A drainage system comprised of an elongated rectilinear channel that is built into the floor. Floors must be sloped in one direction towards the drain so that water is collected and sent to the drain outlet. Also referred to as a “channel drain” or “trench drain”.

Slot Channel (or slot drain)

A form of linear drainage that has a channel with a narrower opening that does not require grating. This makes it a durable, sanitary and cost effective drainage system.


A U-shaped portion of piping designed to retain a small amount of water that prevents unwanted flow and gases from entering the premises while allowing wastewater to flow through.

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