Flooring Solutions for Your Needs

At Allied Finishes, we work with a large variety of Food & Beverage manufacturing facilities. We understand the challenging conditions such as wet production areas, heavy foot and forklift traffic, and the need for chemical and acid resistance. Our SteriFloor solutions have been designed to cater to the needs of this industry, but are tailored to your specific needs.
Our Solutions
Muffin manufacturing facility
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Key Challenges

  • Constant Wet Conditions
  • Medium-Heavy Foot & Forklift Traffic
  • Little time for maintenance works
  • Extreme temperature variances
  • Cleaning with a wide range of chemicals
  • Greasy, oily floors, making for slippery surfaces

Commercial Bakery flooring

Recommended SteriFloor Solutions

Depending on the type of area in your facility, the amount of traffic, the hygiene requirements and non-slip level required, there are a few SteriFloor options. Our recommended solutions are; SteriFloor Stärke, SteriFloor Beschützen, SteriFloor Sauber and SteriFloor Keimfrei. Take a look at our SteriFloor page now to compare the range.

Project Case Studies