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Food & Beverage Industry Insights is about connecting the industry with solid suppliers that are in it for the long game. Over the past 8 years, Allied Finishes has partnered with many leading food manufacturers, and we’ve noticed the lack of honest insider knowledge.

While there are various ‘trustworthy’ platforms to search for recommended suppliers, anyone can list their business on there for a small fee. These platforms are not there to assist the food and beverage industry. They are there to make a profit.

Allied Finishes is not sponsored by any company to provide recommendations; we aim to provide honest insights to help this industry maintain their honourable reputations.

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    Latest Whitepaper

    In this whitepaper, we examine common safety and hygiene issues associated with factory floors and the importance of purpose-built factory flooring. We also take a close look at designing and specifying factory floor systems to improve food (product) and human (factory personnel) safety. Against this backdrop, we consider the benefits of food-grade antimicrobial resin flooring systems in factory and warehouse applications.
    Non-Slip Flooring #1, Goodman Fielder :: Allied Finishes, Commercial Flooring Solutions
    Food Safe Flooring | Allied Finishes, Commercial Flooring Solutions

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