All work is quoted on the basis of the following conditions unless specifically excluded or modified above:

Contractual Conditions

  1. Pricing is valid for 60 days and may be subject to change after that time.
  2. Contract terms – 30% deposit with order balance payable 7 days from completion.
  3. All works will be undertaken between 7:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday
  4. If more than one area or room is involved in the project, the client will ensure that they are all available simultaneously.
  5. Once the client has placed an order, Allied Finishes will organize the required materials and expert labour to complete the project. This immediately incurs costs that must be recovered should the order be cancelled or substantially delayed for any reason. In addition, if the works were scheduled for a specific weekend or public holiday, loss of income due to a late change can be significant and may be claimed.
  6. Variations to the quoted works will only proceed on receipt of written authorisation. The price of any variation will be in addition to the quoted price.
  7. Delays caused due to no fault of Allied Finishes (eg other trades, production overruns, etc) will be charged at the rate of $95.00 per man hour normal time and $120.00 overtime (see clause 3 for normal time). On hire equipment / services will be charged at the quoted rate per hour delayed.
  8. All materials remain the property of Allied Finishes until paid for in full.
  9. Work will only commence on receipt of written acceptance of the terms and conditions of this quotation.

Site Conditions – before, during, and immediately after the flooring/ coating works

  1. The floors to be treated must be dry, and leaking plumbing fittings, etc., must be stopped. Moisture/dampness in the floor will likely compromise long term adhesion, while exposure to water during curing will mark and compromise the coating. In the event that either of the above water scenarios cannot be managed, the client accepts the risks involved should the coating work proceed.
  2. Where our scope of works includes removal of any existing flooring, we assume that the substrate is sound and free of any structural or material issues (such as asbestos). Should the substrate contain any such issues, additional charges will be assessed and discussed with the client.
  3. A skip or waste bins must be located near the works for waste generated. All waste is the responsibility of the client
  4. Allied Finishes must be given exclusive access to the areas being coated during preparation, coating, and curing of the floor or coating
  5. This quotation is based upon there being sufficient lighting and electrical supply (32 amp 3 phase and 240V) to complete a quality job, available at the time of the works commencing and for the duration of works.
  6. The ambient temperature and the temperature of the floor must be above 8º Celsius unless otherwise noted and agreed. Also, humidity must not be higher than 85% relative humidity.
  7. While all attempts are made to contain dust during installation some dust will still be generated. It is the clients responsibility to ensure equipment or similar that may be affected by dust be adequately covered. Many smoke detectors are very sensitive to and may be triggered by concrete dust. It is the clients’ responsibility to advise emergency services of this possibility so that false emergency response costs are not incurred.
  8. Any machines, stock, plant, or equipment that can be moved should be temporarily relocated prior to the works commencing
  9. Any special purpose materials conveyance equipment that may be required such as forklifts etc will be provided by the client
  10. Any existing floor coverings such as vinyl or tiles are to be removed by others.
  11. This quotation does not cover the rectification of areas of ponding or negative fall other than where specifically detailed and agreed. The installed floor will reflect the existing substrate surface, and should not be seen as a rectification or levelling treatment for pre-existing drainage or ponding problems unless otherwise agreed. Please note that floors require a minimum gradient of 1: 100 to ensure water will adequately fall to a floor waste or collection point. Please do not proceed with this quotation if you do not thoroughly understand the above drainage statement.
  12. The intent or purpose of floors laid and finishes applied by Allied Finishes normally answers to specific requirements that the client has expressed (for example food health, protection against chemical cleaners, non-slip for worker safety, etc). While we take pride in the appearance of our finished works, aesthetics are rarely a priority, and cannot be used to judge or assess a completed floor or surface.
  13. Further to the immediately preceding clause re the intent and purpose of Allied Finishes floors, the colour, gloss, and profile of our floors may vary from supplied samples, or from previously applied areas of flooring.
  14. Repairs or rectification of surfaces (patching, indentations, damage, joints etc.) will be charged in addition to the quoted price unless stated in the quotation. All finished surfaces are to be protected by others against damage, additional charges will apply for work needing repair or further preparations if damaged by others.
  15. Asbestos and other noxious substances or materials can sometimes cause issues on buildings in Australia. No allowance has been made in this regard, and any costs incurred for removal or management of the same will be the responsibility of the client

Usage Conditions

  1. Please be aware that the washing down of uncured or partially cured Allied Finishes floors or coatings will result in discoloration and damage to the newly laid floor. Please seek advice before any washing down takes place.
  2. Please be aware this is a heavy duty resin floor laid in situ, and that some grinding, rolling, and troweling marks may be apparent in
    some lights. These marks are not defects, and in no way detract from the practical life of the floor.
  3. Allied Finishes supplies and installs slip resistant flooring surfaces. However, the responsibility for the safety and well-being of persons
    walking or working on the floors we lay is not our responsibility.
  4. Hydrostatic pressure (or sub-surface moisture/ rising damp) is an issue that can arise where the concrete slab has a higher than usual
    level of retained moisture. This can lead to blistering and delamination of the applied floor coatings. This issue is fundamentally a structural one, and is the responsibility of the client to manage.
  5. Our coatings and flooring systems are typically very hard and impact resistant, and will not normally develop any tension cracks. However, if the substrate is over unstable ground, movement and subsequent cracking of the slab will carry through and be visible on the coated floor. Similarly, differential movement between walls and floor may sometimes cause cracks to appear in the coving, and can lead to localized failure of the floor. Any such movement is the responsibility of the client unless specifically addressed otherwise.