Why Allied Finishes?

Flooring in the Food and Beverage manufacturing industry presents challenges and obstacles seen in no other industry. On top of the typical manufacturing challenges like high traffic volumes, and chemical exposure, floors in these facilities must withstand constant water exposure, extreme floor temperature variances, as well as a constant fear of bacteria growth. Needless to say, the tight shutdown periods present an additional challenge for maintenance managers, with a very high downtime cost, should the project run overtime.

Working in the industry for over 12 years, we understand the challenges faced, and work with many professionals to develop and customise flooring solutions to meet your needs.

What We Do

With the food manufacturing industry of Australia having approximately six main sectors, it is impossible to find a flooring solution that caters to every need in every facility. Some facilities require particularly heavy-duty floors, while others need a floor that can stand up to certain acids, such as lactic acid. Take a look at our solutions by industry by clicking the button below.

Complete Flooring Projects

Complete flooring projects, including drainage, coving and joints.
Iron-filled Flooring #3, Kraft Heinz Australia :: Allied Finishes, Commercial Flooring Solutions

Flooring Maintenance Work

Repair work to assist with achieving compliance.

Project Case Studies

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