Completed a large area of flooring in a very short timeframe.

What We Did

The existing floor was very damaged, so we removed all flooring and installed a fast-curing antimicrobial floor.


This project was completed over a 12hr period.

Project Information

White Prince Mushrooms reached out to Allied Finishes to see if we could complete a large area of flooring over a 12 hr period. While we are typically given more time to complete a project, our team did not turn this project down. We took it to our technical team, who developed a solution whereby we could speed up our application curing time.

This project was carried out very successfully, and the client would like to use us again for more projects at their site.


Tight timeframe to complete the required works.
Sensitive machinery we had to work around.
Completing the right non-slip flooring profile to suit the clients needs.


The client was very impressed with the floor, particularly with our ability to complete the floor in such a tight timeframe.

I highly recommend Allied Finishes. They offer excellent customer service, and the quality of their work is first class.

Michael Slater, Casella Family Brands

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