Created bunds, falls, installed drainage, and new flooring.

What We Did

Prepared existing substrate by creating falls for drains, installed new drains, bunds around chemical storage, and installed our SteriFloor Beschützen system.


Beverage Manufacturer


This flooring project was completed over the course of a week.

Project Information

One of the main issues in this large refrigeration room, was that water was coming off the refrigeration machines, sitting on the floor, causing a slip hazard. To rectify the drainage issues, drip tray outlets were installed, and plumbed directly into the nearest point drains.

Following these issues being rectified, falls created to allow for efficient draining, we resurfaced the area in our SteriFloor Beschützen system, with a non-slip finish in Traffic Grey. Coving was also installed throughout the perimeter of the room.


Working around machinery and in tight areas is difficult, however our team is used to this, and worked efficiently in the area.


The client was impressed with the final outcome – it had solved their water pooling issues, and created an area that was safe to walk around.

I highly recommend Allied Finishes. They offer excellent customer service, and the quality of their work is first class.

Michael Slater, Casella Family Brands