Created a very durable floor for a busy corned beef producer.

What We Did

This project had previously been completed by a company with little experience, hence was failing miserably. We removed the failing floor, along with the steel bricks underneath, and then installed an iron-filled polyurethane cement flooring solution.


This project was completed over multiple weekends.

Project Information

This project involved several large areas throughout the facility.

The client was after a high slip resistant floor, however one that did not appear rough. Our technical specifications team recommended an iron-filled, polyurethane cement flooring system, to create a surface with a non-slip profile, but ensuring it is easy to clean.

Our installed floor was 100% food-safe, slip resistant, chemical resistant, and provided long term durability.


Large machinery was a challenge to work around, however our Riverina Team excelled themselves in working around it.
Providing a floor with the perfect non-slip profile was difficult in this situation, however the Iron-filled PUC system solved this issue.


Our clients at this company were all very pleased with the result, and Allied Finishes are now regularly at the Kraft Heinz site completing flooring projects.

I highly recommend Allied Finishes. They offer excellent customer service, and the quality of their work is first class.

Michael Slater, Casella Family Brands

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