Create flooring solutions for multiple areas in the same building.

What We Did

Removed all existing flooring, supplied and installed our SteriFloor Stärke flooring solution to multiple areas.


The project was completed over a weekend shutdown period.

Project Information

The client required several solutions around their plant to cater to their needs.
Throughout their processing and cutting rooms, a heavy non-slip floor was required, to ensure the area was safe for their employees.

This floor involved thorough preparation to ensure the floor would achieve 110% satisfaction and compliance.


As the machinery could not be removed, our project team had to work around it.
To increase slip resistance on their stairs, a solution had to be created for our team to successfully create a non-slip surface.
With a high volume of liquids on the floor, the floor had to have fall correction completed prior to installing the new floor.


The client was thoroughly satisfied with Allied Finishes, and recommended us to various other Abattoirs in NSW.


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