Installed our SteriFloor Beschützen flooring solution in a coolroom.

What We Did

Removed all existing flooring, and installed a slip resistant floor.


This flooring project was completed over a 12hr period.

Project Information

The floor was lifting in the Freezer at Blue Hills Aged Care, meaning a gap had formed between the concrete and the floor coating. This resulted in bacteria forming, presenting a food health hazard. The solution was to remove the old floor, thoroughly clean and prepare the floor and apply a new, anti-microbial flooring system.

This was made slightly more complex as the kitchen had to remain functional, so careful planning was needed to ensure that disruptions were kept to a minimum. The client utilized a hired freezer for 4 days, as 2 days were needed to deice the room and bring it up to room temperature, then a day to completed the resurface and a final day to bring the freezer temperature back down to the desired level.


The project timeline proved difficult on this project, as a large area had to be completed in a short amount of time. However, like always, our site project team completed this project with 100% success.


The client was very impressed with the final outcome – the project was completed with minimal disruption to both kitchen staff and residents, and resulted in a compliant, anti-microbial and great looking floor.

I highly recommend Allied Finishes. They offer excellent customer service, and the quality of their work is first class.

Michael Slater, Casella Family Brands