Create a chemical and abrasion resistant floor for a busy commercial bakery.

What We Did

Removed all existing flooring in the area, removed excessive oils and sugars, and installed a custom-made flooring solution.


We completed this project over a 48hr period.

Project Information

This project involved a very large area that had to be completed over a short weekend. Machinery could not be removed, but this did not limit the team to complete the project successfully.

This is a busy area, with a lot of oils and sugars due to the product being produced there. The floor was becoming slippery, hence the need for Allied Finishes to install our flooring in the area.


Large area to be completed in a small timeframe.
A lot of small machinery to work around and under, to ensure the floor was 100% compliant.


The client was 100% satisfied with Allied Finishes work, and as a result, our team have been back there many times to complete large flooring projects.

We are very happy with the finished floor provided by Allied Finishes. We were particularly pleased with the thorough nature of Troy's work (Operations Manager) ensuring every square metre of the floor was at the very highest level.

Frank Coorey, Managing Director / My Chef Cuisine

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